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My Story - I am a retired flight medic. I am not God but I wanted to be God. I wanted to be in charge. I would like to tell you about my Last Tour.

I did not count my Saves, only my Losses. I had flown 33 missions and had 32 Losses (lost lives). My final case was a Save. It was a 13 year old Kuwaiti girl who had stepped on a landmine - Allah's will. She had several serious injuries and had lost her leg.

We airlifted her out and I treated her. I could not let go. I carried her in my arms until she was admitted to hospital. I could not let go until I knew that she was safe and getting care. When we were parting she took off her bracelets and gave them to me. I tried to reject the offering but her father insisted that I take them as a gesture of thanks from the family. I still have them.    

Frank Kerwin. Flight medic. Desert Storm


Art by Military

In Memory. Frank Kerwin. Flight Medic. Desert Storm