Current  exhibit at CSU Pueblo Fine Art Gallery partial panorama

photo courtesy of gallery curator Caroline Peters 

Preview Exhibit/Book Launching BAC galleries panorama  January 2012

photo courtesy of Bill Young of Figurative Photo

 Colorado Springs Fine Art Center December 2011 above

Hagnauer Gallery - Manitou Springs Business of Art Center (BAC) January through February 2012

 Cliff Ghosts I, II, III and Broken Strong, The Mask, Shared Crown

 The Dreams, Journey to Hope, Chiff Ghost I & II 

 Soldiers Prayer, Golden Girl, Gone, The Dreams, Journey to Hope

Broken Strong, The Mask, Shared Crown, Soldiers Prayer, Glory Girl, Gone

Battle Portraits viewed from the street

  Evaporating, Faces of War preparatory drawings

Almost I & II, Whispered While Dreaming, Witness (detail)

Bellow: Poet Warrior in gallery panorama

 photograph courtesy of Roger Appleton


Participating Exhibitors 2012-2013:
Colorado College IDEA Space
Colorado Springs Fine Art Center

Business of Art Center
Colorado College Coburn Gallery
CSU Pueblo Fine Art Gallery
Pikes Peak Community College
Sangre de Cristo Art Center

*more exhibits tbd
for exhibit details contact artist



Exhibit Events included Gallery Artist Talks & Community Dialogues



 photograph courtesy of Roger Appleton

 photograph courtesy of Roger Appleton